Simone Isn't Convinced This Was Healing

Simone Isn't Convinced This Was Healing

Simone explains why she decided to make up with Toya, but thinks that maybe everyone else isn't ready to play nice yet.

I want to start by thanking all of the #Interns (Fans) for tuning in each week to spend an hour with me, my family, and the rest of the ladies. No matter what time the show airs, you have supported us by watching and tweeting live with me.

This episode is called "Textual Healing," but I am not convinced we are there yet based on this week. These actions don’t resemble the Marvin Gaye song to me. We are still at the WEN conference, and it is definitely cry me a river with the ladies. You can tell that Mariah and Quad are both very hurt and disappointed in each other. We ended the conference with sort of a group hug, but I sincerely hope the ladies are able to hear each other and move forward as friends.


A great thing happened in the Tranquility Suite after seeing the argument with Mariah and Quad, I decided it was time to let my guard down, stop holding a grudge against Toya for public ally confronting me and apologize to her for hurting and disregarding her feelings. I was glad to hear Toya say her and Eugene never believed I was intentionally disrespecting their marriage. So there was a little tranquility left in the Tranquility suite after all!

Heavenly, Heavenly, Heavenly!!! How do you hijack a panel discussion when you are not invited to speak? I guess when you make the statement you are the most successful woman in the room with so many great women in attendance, anything goes. So all I can say is -- "Heavenly Kimes! Come on down!!! You are the next contestant on the Manners are Wrong!"


Lisa Nicole was very gracious handling this hijacker on her panel. One wrong move and she will never leave the stage.

I know many people believe Jackie and I hold everyone else accountable, but not each other. Well, Jackie showed today she does hold me accountable, if she believes I've acted out of order. And I do agree I wasn't very tranquil in the beginning of the conference. I am glad everyone was able to see Toya and I move past our bowling alley fiasco.

P.S.: I didn't fill the prescription, but I have it just in case I need it. LOL!

It was really a blessing to get the great news regarding Lisa Nicole's breast cancer scare. Dr. Darren was very supportive, and it was a joyous occasion watching them leave the hospital and coming home to celebrate with the family. A beautiful moment for a beautiful family.

I am glad you were able to see Cecil provide his answers for taking calls. We always laugh and joke about Cecil being able to "take call." He has overheard more than 1,000 calls during our marriage, but as you can hear from his medical advice -- he must not be wide awake when the calls are coming in at night.

I was so thankful my patient Courtney of Faithful Adoption Consultants was able to come by and speak with Jackie about the option to adopt a baby. Jackie is ready to have a baby and I am hoping by getting this information, she will be armed with the facts she needs to "trick" (I mean talk) Curtis into adopting a baby. If you're interesting in adopting a baby, I'm sure Courtney can help you too at

I am very proud of Quad moving forward with her dream of starting her puppy clothing line. Her investors have given her a short window and we are able to watch the idea come to life. Reco was very funny running Quad around the fabric store like a 5K race. Watching those two together is always funny. Now, I'm not sure about this text message to Mariah to invite her to the charity fashion show. A part of me wants to believe it was done to be nice and attempt to move forward and another part of me believes it was done as a set-up. I guess you will have to tune in with me next week to find out the true motive.

To all Mothers everywhere, Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you know in some small way how very important you are!

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Have a great week and I will see you next time.

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