Simone Talks Couples' Therapy

Simone Talks Couples' Therapy

Simone thanks you for your support, wonders if Heavenly's bags are real, and weighs in on Greg's views on cheating.

Thank you everyone for watching the show last week when I planned and executed a date night for Cecil. We have received so much love and support for our relationship!

I am excited about tonight's episode which is the start of our couples' retreat. Cecil and I have been hosting couples' retreats and get-togethers for years, so I am glad we are able to share the fun with the fans.

I had a great time visiting Mariah at the dance studio and watching her practice those Beyonce moves. Mariah is upset with me for mentioning that she should reach out to the ladies in the circle. My only goal is to bring Mariah back to the group. I enjoy Mariah and I miss her hanging out with us. And for the record, I love cake.

We were all excited about leaving Atlanta and going up to Blue Ridge, GA, for some fun and relaxation. Dr. Jackie was definitely prepared for all weather and activities with all of her luggage. We all laughed really hard with Dr. Heavenly showing up with the plastic on her Louis Vuitton bags. I’m not saying they were fake -- but I have never seen any plastic on the bags in the store.

The cabins at Blue Ridge Mountain were beautiful. Since the couples' retreat was my idea, I think it was fair Cecil and I got the master suite. I don't know why three divas could not start a golf cart, but I am here to tell you, Eugene and Toya were not playing about getting over to the other cabin for the master suite. Lisa Nicole is very lucky to be alive after her attempt to get into a moving car.

Proud of Mariah for starting up her diet line, Cinnamon Girl. I look forward to the product launch party and tasting the shakes. She definitely made them look great.

As you can tell from the initial conversations at the cabin, there are going to be some interesting topics happening all weekend. Both Greg and Toya opened up the weekend with controversial topics. Toya has an excuse for not wanting to answer her husband's question about who she was texting. Then she talks about going through Eugene's phone because she has trust issues. Can you say double standard?

Now worse than Toya's nonsense is Greg with his comments about how hard it is to be a man and all of the temptation coming from all of these pretty women. I will give Greg one thing, he is confident with his point of view and doesn't need any back up support from the guys.


The flashback Friday party was a great time. We had so much fun laughing, dancing, sharing pictures, and stories. I laughed at the #FBF picture with Cecil and me. For the record, we were at a Halloween party. LOL

I'm excited to see Mariah pack up for the trip. I can't wait to see if she takes my advice and comes up to Blue Ridge and brings a cake. Tune in next week for more fun on the couples retreat.

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