Simone: Toya Isn't Dumb, Just Disappointing

Simone: Toya Isn't Dumb, Just Disappointing

Dr. Simone thinks Toya was wrong to bring up the dancing drama, that Mariah is a shady grove, and that Quad deserves an Emmy.

Thank you to the great fans ("Interns") of Married to Medicine for tuning in and making this a great year.

This show definitely ended with some fi-yaaaaa!

Let’s get into the events of the show.

The show opens up with Quad getting a new business partner for her puppy clothing line. Ms. Quad was concerned when she brought her babies over to my house with my boys watching them. However, Ms. Quad almost killed her baby in that door. She is "very busy" getting the clothing line off the ground and Kar'rie better pick up the pace or else.

Great to see my friend Mariah in the office. I know that she and Dr. Aydin are talking about having another baby and I hope they make the decision to go forward with the plan. Mariah is a great mom and I know she is ready again. She always puts her kids first on all of her daily dealings.

I am very proud of Quad pushing forward with her puppy clothing line and she came to the meeting looking fierce. Now, I am not sure about her secret weapons closing the deal. Khloe walks off the conference table and almost breaks her neck, and it looks like one of the secret weapons let out a warning shot with an accident on the nice carpet.


The WEN conference was a beautiful event and Lisa Nicole did a great job of empowering women and providing advice on how to win! I don't know why Toya came out to this great event with the intention of keeping up the story from the bowling alley which happened four weeks ago. She is now stating she didn't think it was a sexual act at the bowling alley and that the only point was she told me to stop. I'm not going to continue to address the bowling alley, but Toya didn't tell me to stop and she was uncomfortable. She put her hand up when we were dancing, but she was laughing and being silly when it was going on. Then as I found out by watching the show, Dr. Heavenly starts up the drama about the dancing which gives Toya the idea to bring it up at her party.


I’m not sure why Quad tries to throw me under the bus on the dumb comments about Toya. My point is not about Toya being dumb, but it is disappointing that "my friend" allowed an outsider to get her fired up on a fun time at the bowling alley. That is not smart!!!!

I was glad to see Mariah attend the WEN conference and it appears she came to the event with the mindset to be nice. However, things changed very fast. The rat comment was shady, the chair-i-ot comment was a shady tree, but the Transformer comment was a shady grove. LOL.

It is obvious Quad is very hurt about the ending of their friendship; however, her animation at the WEN conference might be considered for a night-time Emmy.


The Tranquility room was definitely not tranquil and there was fi-yaaa over this STK beef. . .I wasn't there, I have heard parts of the story from Quad and Mariah and I still don’t have a clue of what really went down. I guess I will have to tune in next week to see if I can figure out the "facts."

Thanks again for watching the show #Interns!!!!

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