Toya: I Refuse to Tear Simone Down

Toya: I Refuse to Tear Simone Down

Toya knows Simone is just "doing shows" this season, and she won't engage in the drama.

In this episode, I am excited about our upcoming move. Because our current home is the only home my children have ever known, it is very important that when we move into our new home, we feel comfortable immediately. I want this move to be fluid, natural, and easy. I want my children to feel like they have everything to gain from this move; I don't want them to feel like they are missing anything by leaving the only home they've ever known behind. Eugene and I started a family together there, so this move is extremely sentimental.

With all of the changes that come along with relocating to a new home, I decided to take a break -- one that would be stress free. My guilty pleasure??? Shopping! (I try to look past the price tag.) Obviously, my secret is out. . .I love to shop. And what better excuse, than to shop in preparation for our future? I have a room in our basement that has now turned into a storage unit for our future home furnishings. Alas, the relaxation from my retail therapy was short lived, given all of the drama that unfolded during the WEN conference.

It'S a shame that you didn't get to see all of the positive energy generated during the WEN conference. The conference was not only filled with positivism, but women sharing their personal success stories. During intermission, we'd all relax in what was called "The Tranquility Room" (although, it turned out to be more like a soap opera set). You'd think we'd all been given scripts, with each one of us playing a starring role, considering all of the drama that went on.

You see, this gathering of the ladies was the first time we had all seen each other in a long time. So understandably, our emotions were boiling over. Our emotions were so palpable, it felt like we were ready to explode. I, for one, was fed up with grown women, who seemingly refuse to take responsibility for their own actions -- hiding behind one-liners, instead of hashing out the facts.

I was very clear when I spoke with Lisa. Simone decided to speak about the situation, and disregard my presence. Her disrespect towards me is her smokescreen. Her candid, caricature-like re-enactments of what went on between us, and the events from the past, are used as a distraction -- to detract from the truth.


Simone obviously has decided that this is her season to put on a show, and I'm allowing her that. I am allowing Simone to command her audience. Does she forget that I’m from Detroit?

It's very easy for me to take it there. . .to go hard on a female. I refuse to tear Simone down. I will not play her game. I will not share that stage with her. This season, I've promised myself to do better. I am a mentor to young ladies who look up to me, and I have to be an example to them. I have to show them how to remain positive and focused when women try to assassinate their character.

Simone and I are college educated women. Simone may have her opinion about my intelligence, yet what Simone is learning is that her advanced education may not translate into guaranteed success. Just look at all the financial trouble she is having with her practice. As disgusted as I am with Simone's behavior, I know she was raised better and will eventually do better.

As for Quad and Mariah. . .I'll let my facial expressions convey my message. There is a sad disintegration of friendship going on between the two of them. I can definitely feel Quad's pain.


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