Toya Is Disappointed With Mariah

Toya Is Disappointed With Mariah

Toya explains why she testified against Mariah and why she didn't go to the Cinnamon Girl launch.

People who know me as a cast member on Married to Medicine, as well as friends in my "other life" can attest to my loyalty. Wherever we stand is no secret. As a friend, I believe in honesty. . .even when an argument is simmering. Therefore, to witness a friend of Mariah's being threatened with a restraining order -- someone she has been friends with for years -- is both sad and disappointing.

What I witnessed with regards to the night in question, did not warrant a restraining order being taken out on Reco. It makes me wonder if Mariah ever considered having a conversation with Reco. Isn't that what friends do? Seek to understand and delay a rush to judgment? Mariah's actions seem to hastily attempt to slap a label on Reco. Because of this, Quad and I decided to testify on Reco's behalf. Thankfully, the judge decided to deny Mariah's request and dismissed the case very quickly. It was evident to the judge (and those of us present that night in fact) that if anyone felt threatened, it couldn't have been Mariah, especially since she had a bodyguard present. With the threat of Reco being slapped with a restraining order fresh on my mind, I couldn't help but take a step back and assess all of my friendships with regards to the Married to Medicine circle.

Like my hot and cold friendship with Mariah, my friendship with Simone has been contentious. I guess I really have to decide how she relates to me, and if I should really call her a friend at all. I don't criticize my friends. I don't insult my friends and make them the butt of my joke's about grammar and intelligence. I don't ridicule the appearance of my friend’s husbands. And I don't instigate and inflame disagreements between my friends and among friendship circles. There are two ways to measure intelligence Simone: IQ and EQ. I'll give you the IQ -- you have an MD. But you need a special education course in emotional intelligence, friendships and relationships.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, my family is everything to me. Not having extended family in close proximity makes me prioritize my immediate family even more. So when I received a call from Mariah inviting me to her Cinnamon Girl launch, I didn't feel the need to change the plans I had made for my husband's birthday. Honestly, I really feel like Mariah wouldn't do the same for me. Her friendship had created a lot of ups and downs in my life. She is A LOT. A lot of fun; a lot of drama. I guess I am just tired of the drama, and I really question her loyalty. So to put off my husband, who is the nucleus of my family, for someone who THINKS they are the nucleus of one of my friendship circles, just didn't seem worth it.

There is family you are born into, and then there is the family you are bonded to -- through friendship, through marriage, through life.

In this episode, you get a glimpse into the bond that Jackie shares with her stepdaughter Kursten. This perspective seems to provide another lens through which we all can see Dr. Jackie. We've seen her raw honesty and vulnerability about her wanting a biological child. Yet, what you see is that she is indeed a mother. Personally, I can relate -- I am extremely close to my stepfather. In my life, he has stepped in where my biological dad did not, and I am so thankful for that. It says a lot when someone can step up and raise a child that is not biologically their own. This is what my stepdad did for me, and obviously what Jackie has done for her stepdaughter. My stepfather provided that authoritative male presence in my life. In turn, I have stepped in and raised my little sister Chynna, who is a blessing beyond measure to our family.

They say that if you put it out there, you’ll get it. . .

MOVING DAY!!! WE ARE FINALLY MOVING! I'm excited. . .we're excited!

And, YES I am an organization freak so I'm on these movers. I've planned this move down to the tiniest detail (AND the details of our first night. . .in the shower. LOL!!). My husband and I both are in the best mood and finally we feel a load has been lifted. I can't wait to see what the boys think of the new home. And to keep things extra special, we had our house blessed by Pastor Tara.

From the blessing of our new house, to the great energy of the Lisa Nicole's fashion show, we were riding on a wave of good energy. We had a great time, and especially loved the dancers. The merging of fashion and dance was a fresh new take on the traditional runway show. I loved the flare, and appreciate Lisa Nicole for adding a new spice to what otherwise could have been a bland and ordinary event. Thank you!

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