Toya: Rhyming Reasons

Toya: Rhyming Reasons

Toya pens a poem to the other ladies and their dubious ways.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
WHO is the SHADIEST of them all?

A common theme among them remains,
They smile in your face, yet the jealousy maintains.

One questions my house,
Even questions our bank account.
While the other likes to smother her mouth ALL about. . .
Claiming to be a peacemaker,
Yet moonlights as a booty-shaker.

All the while seeming to pout,
In favor of the “Queen bee”
Whom she thinks has clout.

For their actions don’t lie,
Since they can't deny
Where their inner truth lies. . .

They twist and they twirl,
Fogging the truth in their swirl,
But what remains to be seen
Is left in the scene
For ALL to see.

That although they may smile,
It will be a short while,
Before what they let lie
Wasn't left to die.

For within the realm of the unknown
The FUTURE will unfold,
Where we will be left to behold

In the meantime. . .
I will go on my vacay,
Sip drinks with REAL cinnamon in the cool shade,
And make love to my man ALL day. . .

I will kindly submit,
Without having to wipe HIS lips,
Before he takes a dip. . .

Y'all bitches have me taking a trip
. . .Till the Reunion.

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