Heavenly: I Have Really Learned a Lot This Year

Heavenly: I Have Really Learned a Lot This Year

Heavenly reflects upon her personal growth this past year. 

I have really learned a lot this year about all the women and their relationships. I am so glad I took the time to get my certification as a relationship coach. I can now better understand my friends.

I say all the time most conflict comes from a competition for external power... Things like status, education level, money, and fame make people think they are better than someone else. In reality, these things are not what's most important.

I strive to be more like my husband Dr. Damon. Although he is not perfect (no one is), he has what I call internal power... His power comes from within, something that can not be taken away from him. That's what makes him a great father, husband, and man! 

Dr. Damon leads our family by prayer and allows God to guide him. That's why he is worthy of being the leader of our house! 

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