Heavenly: I Noticed Some Things That Really Made Me Concerned

Heavenly: I Noticed Some Things That Really Made Me Concerned

Resident relationship advisor Heavenly has some advice for the other ladies.

Is Heavenly Threatened by Jill?
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I think the Bahamas trip was a great idea! I really got to know a little bit more about the couples. 

As a relationship advisor, I noticed some things that really made me concerned...

One, Jill was sitting at her husband's feet, while all the other husbands allowed their wives to sit in the chair. Interesting...

Two, I really don't think Toya realizes how spoiled and disrespectful she can be towards her husband. 

And three, I think Lisa needs to express herself more, and rather than chastising her husband, maybe she should be more open to hearing how he feels. Seems to me she has no interest in hearing his truth. 

I think these are large clues that there are more issues than can be seen. 

I honestly think Jill is reaching out for help. She is taking her frustrations out on Lisa and then myself for telling her the truth. I am just glad I was the bigger person and walked away! I hope Jill gets the help she needs!

Hopefully, this trip helps us all. I had a wonderful time with my husband!


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