Heavenly: Simone Is Teaching Me You Can Never Judge

Heavenly: Simone Is Teaching Me You Can Never Judge

Dr. Heavenly explains what Simone's breakdown taught her. 

You know, I really love hanging with these ladies! There is never a dull moment!

My little girl Alaura is amazing! I want her to know that whatever she wants to do with her life, whether it's a stay-at-home mom or the President of the United States, I'm there for her. I will support her in whatever she decides!
I want her to try many things to find her passion, so she can live the life of her dreams!

I knew Simone had some issues with her father, but I never knew the extent. The one thing I love, love, love about Simone is she always gets it right! She is mature enough to see where she went wrong, and she owns it!
She is really teaching me that you can never judge someone or a situation, because you never know what someone is going through. If you can get through that tornado... Dr. Simone has a heart of gold!

I'm learning that anytime you bring family into any situation, you may get an explosion. I honestly thought before that Dr. Simone was wrong for yelling and overreacting, but I now know no one can judge anything but God!

I know that we joke around and crack jokes on each other, but Dr. Jackie is a great person! I mean she gives all of herself. I used to think that her working all the time was not a good thing, but now I see...people need her, and she is there for them! God really released an angel when he brought her to this earth. I can honestly say I would trust her with my life! Damn, am I getting soft?

The rest of the ladies and the drama I really don't care about.
I never saw a blog where Lisa spoke ill of Quad's business--that is never acceptable! I may need to just sit back and watch this unfold, but it does not look good. I've only heard one side of this story, and I know from the past there are always three sides to any story!

I really love my husband Dr. Damon! He has no reason to be in any strip clubs. My blood pressure is going up at just the thought!

Until next time. #PiQMe

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