Heavenly: Simone Is the One That Initiates the Division

Heavenly: Simone Is the One That Initiates the Division

Heavenly thinks it's time for her to pay less attention to the other ladies' drama and focus on her issues at home.

There you have it! My marriage is not perfect. My husband and I sometimes have disagreements. He thinks I do too much, but I love what I do.
Damon says I'm not home enough... I will definitely have to consider his feelings. That's what married people do!
Everything I do is for my family. My husband and my kids are my priority. I would give my life for them, I will definitely give my time to them.
I'm home when my kids go to school, and I am here when they get home. My husband still wants more.

Is Heavenly Taking on Too Much?

Random thoughts ....

I do respect that Toya chose to stay at home with her small children. She put her education to the side. I mean she has a Master's degree--it's great to have that option.

I am so glad to start a new venture with this new dating App. To be honest, I just want to see if I can do it. I once heard if you do things that are your passion, you will be successful.
I'm so glad Toya came with me to support me when talking to one of the developers.

Is it me, or is Jill's husband a complete ---hole ? I've never heard of a dentist being a stripper. I'm wondering why they feel the need to defend strippers. Was Jill a stripper? Was his mother? Why do they feel the need to keep bringing it up? We all know that the majority of strippers (NOT ALL OF THEM) will do sexual acts for money. I never said all of them. I see this conversation heading to the left. I thought it was best to end it before I said something I would regret.

Why is Simone so mad? I wonder why she is being so mean to Lisa. What did Lisa do to her? I remember her saying that we were trying to divide the group. Seems to me Simone is always the one that initiates the division. Just like last year.

Lisa Nicole Gets the Cold Shoulder

As I've said all along, Quad and Lisa are BOTH wrong! Looks likes it's just getting worse.

Jackie is absolutely right: We should NOT have a license to react in a negative way when we get upset, but that's very difficult to do. We all have our hot buttons.

The more I think about it, it could be more unhealthy to internalize your emotions.

Looks like my husband is somewhere else at Eugene's birthday party. He looks sad. I can't be worried about these ladies. Hell, I have my own issues!

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