Jackie: I’m Caught in the Middle of This War of Words

Jackie: I’m Caught in the Middle of This War of Words

Jackie talks about her new fitness program and the "scary" behavior at the Halloween party.

Are there Skeletons in your closet?

So once again, the ladies of Married to Medicine are back. This first episode of Season 3 Married to Medicine gives you a peep into everyone's lives to see exactly what's up with each of the ladies.

Dr. Heavenly is once again doing exactly what she loves the most about life and that is being #TeamDaddy and in the scene #TeamMommie. Her beautiful kids are growing up and, as always, Alura has her quick wit. After all that Mommie and #TeamDaddy time, Dr. Heavenly still gets to go to the office and take care of teeth.

Lisa Nicole is steadily building her Lisa Nicole Fashions, and now she has opened a boutique. It appears that Lisa has been up to finding out exactly what some of the ladies are made of. Yep, she is studying the ladies, but it seems to be an “undercover background check.” Not real sure what the information is for, but OMG has she gone and pissed off Ms. Quad. You can clearly see that didn't set very well with Quad, and Lisa isn't backing off that this was the right thing for her. Now Lisa initially said it was because they were planning a business venture, but then said Quad was a bit too aggressive and she needed to see exactly what those aggressive MRS. MDs were made of. I smell a stink brewing. With this undercover background gate, it looks like somebody's back will be against the ground. Now she also background checked a few others of her “aggressive” friends, including Dr. Heavenly, who seems to not care that she has been checked.

Toya is living in the big luxury home she has always wanted. Her kids are great, and her life is one that she feels everyone will envy. Toya wanted to make sure she rubs this luxury “rent to own” home in all the ladies faces, so here lies the evolution of the “haunted hospital!” She throws the Halloween party of the century. There are a lot of spooky things going on around here.

Quad is working hard on Picture Perfect Pups and has a lovely photo shoot to further promote her dogs (oops, babies). Quad has the latest outfits that she wears for the puppy fashions, so she and her pups are dressed similarly. She met with those wonderful investors last year, so I guess it's off and running. Now Quad and Lisa were friends last year, and there is something that has come between them--a background check. Quad is really not feeling Lisa, because once again she is feeling betrayed by another one of her friends. Quad is gonna have to start being more selective in the friends she allows in her life.

Meet Quad's Wigs

My girl Simone is back on top. The practice has recovered, and she is making things happen. Plenty of deliveries, and the cash flow is increasing.
Now there is one thing that Simone has not improved--her relationship with Toya. Now, this haunted hospitals is scary, but Simone and Toya's interactions seems to scare me more. I wonder if there were any vacant beds in that “haunted hospital.” I hope one day that these ladies can patch up their differences and move on.

Nothing Between Toya and Simone Has Changed

Then there's me, Dr. Jackie. I am always up to something. Now one of my passions is to start a FITNESS program. I invited my personal trainer over to help me create a program that helps one become fit. I think I want to help individuals work on WHOLE BODY FITNESS. I think that fitness is being whole in your mind, body, and spirit. Let me see if I can use my friends to see if this kind of program is effective.

Simone, Cecil, Curtis, and me are all headed to the “haunted hospital” Halloween party and trying to role play with Simone, so she has a successful interaction with Toya. Unfortunately upon entering, the prescription that this gum-chewing receptionist is handing out is causing my girl to go to a bad place. The set up is fabulous, but the tensions are high. The costumes are wonderful. Not long after getting here, the words flying. We are out back enjoying this lovely home. So somehow I’m caught in the middle of this war of words between Quad and Lisa and can’t get a word. Now Simone and Toya are verbally sparing, and I just can’t calm Simone down. We decide after all this that this is a good time to go home.

Is Toya Threatening Simone?

So we are off and running for another hot season of Married to Medicine Season 3!

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