Lisa Nicole: Quad Needs to Learn to Accept an Apology

Lisa Nicole: Quad Needs to Learn to Accept an Apology

Lisa Nicole recounts the times she did apologize to Quad and wishes she had listened to Mariah's advice. 

Dr. G Needs to Diagnose His Wife!

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

What a crazy week on Married to Medicine, starting with the craziest of them all, Ms. Drama Queen, the villainess of Married to Medicine.

Quad is married to a psychiatrist! What would his diagnosis be for her? My best diagnosis would be delusional with some grandiose ideology and a touch of selective amnesia. Quad, it’s sad that you outright lied on the episode tonight! I guess you forgot about the three times I apologized to you before the season started. Remember our meeting at the Tavern at Phipps Plaza when you came with your printed out certificate degree trying to prove that you graduated from college? I said to you then there was no need for you to defend your background, and I also told you then I was sorry if my actions offended you. I told you no malice was intended, and I also told you that it was a business decision and not personal. You stated you were a taurus and unfortunately you were stubborn and didn’t let things go. I also apologized to you at Heavenly’s when we were both there for Damon’s birthday. Heavenly heard that one herself.

Our next meeting was when you came to my store returning the clothes you purchased because in some way you thought that would make you feel better if you didn’t support me anymore. I spent two hours trying to help you understand that this was silly and trying to talk as mature women and move past this issue. Not only was Darren there, but so were other employees who heard me apologize several times. My husband then suggested that I stop trying to reason with you, because you clearly wanted to hold onto this grudge. You really need to grow up and learn how to accept an apology. Why you want to be the evil villain is beyond me, but people will clearly see you for who you are. Season 1, you came for Toya and Kari. Season 2, you came for Mariah and spent the whole season trying to get all the ladies to go against her, and Season 3, I am your target.
You call me low down and conniving, but it seems to me trying to get your best friend kicked out of the group is as low down and conniving as it gets. Mariah told several of the ladies “we didn’t realize the type of person we were dealing with" as it pertained to you, but we get it now. You are the “Master Manipulator” and will do anything to stay relevant. Sometimes life is not about the coins. Learn what matters in life. It’s not selling your soul for fame! How sad that for three years you are more in love with your dogs than your husband. What kind of wife refuses to give her husband a child to focus on her “coins”? I hope one day you will realize what really matters in life. It’s not the clothes you wear, the number of wigs you have, the car you drive, or the clothes you put on your dogs. Those things are so superficial and insignificant just like this silly argument and drama you want to perpetuate. There IS plenty I could say about your background, but for now I will take the high road. I never blackmailed you. You just felt that way because of all the crap in your background!

Lord, give me strength to maintain the high road and not roll in the mud! I guess the viewers will have to keep watching to see how dirty the M2M Villainess likes to play and the levels she stoops to.

As for the other ladies and my husband:

Darren: I love you honey, AND you do make me crazy sometimes. You are a clinician to your heart! Administrative matters are definitely not your greatest strength. We definitely have to work on this for you. One thing is for certain: If you make a lot of money, you definitely have to pay your favorite uncle a lot of taxes. I know you are paying the bill and will stay on top of this in the future.

Secondly, you have to stop all the laughing with your boys about matters that are not funny to me. Just because I was strong enough to forgive and move past the infidelity before we were married doesn’t mean it’s a matter I take lightly, and it is certainly not something I want you joking about. I promise to leave it in the past if you stop talking about it in the present. It’s not a matter to brag or laugh about, so let’s be sensitive to my feelings, HONEY!

Toya and Simone: I am so surprised that the meeting with Toya and Simone went left so fast. I don’t understand why they have such a hard time communicating. I guess maybe Simone is hurt and the way she shows her emotions is yelling and screaming. Poor Cecil. He tried so hard to calm her down! Simone, maybe you should talk to someone to figure out where all the anger comes from. Toya stayed so cool and calm. But Toya did you have to say she was acting like a fool? Eugene is right: You are a little passive aggressive! But you definitely maintained your composure the best during this interaction. “Never Let Them See You Sweat!”

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Jackie: Love how focused you are on “Fit is the New It.” But that horn is driving me crazy, lady. Count me in for “Fit is the New It.” I may not have a weight issue, but I definitely want to be fit and healthy!

Dr. Heavenly: I love the relationship you have with your children! You are an awesome mother and wife. Thank you for being a great friend this season. Real women do support each other and don’t try to bring each other down. Let’s always lift as we rise!

So as you can see, this season of Married to Medicine is FIYAHHHHHH! Are you guys ready to see what is in my background? I can’t wait for people to see what your M2M Villainess Drama Queen calls filth! She is so extra!

Stay tuned the season is just getting started. If you loved this week’s episode, make sure you tune in next week, because it only gets more intense!

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Until Next Week…

Success & Love,

Lisa Nicole Cloud

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