Simone: I Really Enjoyed My Time With Jill

Simone explains why this episode was a mix of sour and sweet.

Thank you for tuning into Married to Medicine tonight with me for the show. I'm loving the 9 pm slot on Bravo. I am on call this weekend and hoping no one goes into labor while I'm watching the show and tweeting with you.

This week’s show is a big margarita with sweet and sour mix. Half of the show is sour and the other half is really sweet. Dr. Jackie having to take care of her dad with Alzheimer's is the sour part. Going to LA with Quad for her BCBG photo shoot was the sweet part.

I know it is difficult for Dr. Jackie taking care of her dad with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is difficult for everyone involved. The patient is frustrated, because he is unable to remember basic things. It is even more difficult for the family, because in many cases your loved one looks the same, but he can’t always remember you or your recent conversations.

I know there are many of you who can relate to this experience. Cecil and I have had to care for aging and/or sick relatives, so I know first hand how difficult the situation is for Jackie. The blessing about my friend is her strength. I know she will make the best of a tough situation.

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Jackie Is Faced With a Difficult Decision
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The second part of the show is the sweet in the mix. I was so excited when Quad invited me to go to LA to hang with her on this BCBG trip. She has worked really hard for this opportunity. It is always a great time going to Los Angeles. Cecil was not pleased about us going to his hometown LA without him. I was ecstatic! LOL!

Jill and I had lunch and cocktails while Quad did her photo shoot. By the time we made it to the hotel, the tipsy giggles had taken over! I really enjoyed my time with Jill and it was great to discuss all of the preconceived notions she had about me. Once she was introduced as "Toya's friend," I automatically placed her in a "no friend" box. The trip gave Jill the opportunity to prove to me she does not belong in a box.

Going to the mansion to meet Quad’s sponsors was an unbelievable experience. The house was beyond spectacular. Trust me when I tell you the pictures didn’t do it any justice. I have been to some nice homes in my day, but this home was amazing.

The trip was going well until Jill came out of the dressing room. She came out swinging with verbal jabs to Quad, but I don't think she realized Quad is always ready for a sparring match. "Peace be still." Not on my vacation, Jill!

Quad Has a Big Problem With Jill's Guest List
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I'm planning a basketball game with the kids which should be a fun time, but as you can tell from the preview, there is already more drama.

Thanks for watching and have a great week. Follow me on Twitter @DrSSWhitmore and Instagram DrSSWhit.

God Bless
Love Dr. Simone

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