Simone: It Was the Biggest Shade Fest of the Night

Simone: It Was the Biggest Shade Fest of the Night

Simone thinks there was an awful lot of shade being thrown between Mariah and Quad.

As always, I'm thankful you tune in every week supporting Married to Medicine.

I just love my time with Jackie. We catch up on everything . . .medicine, husbands, girlfriends, and anything else we need to talk about. Hate she misses out on some of outings with the ladies, but I always make sure she doesn't miss the action, even if I have to re-enact it for her.
I am glad to see Darren coming clean about his previous visit to Cheetah during homecoming weekend. Lisa was surprised and blindsided by it. Hope he can regain Lisa's trust soon.
I liked seeing Toya in her new role as a marketing consultant. She has to make sure to dress appropriately in business attire if she wants people to take her seriously. Hope Toya got the memo: The only place for fishnet pantyhose is the bedroom or the strip club. LOL.
I think Heavenly's Angels is a wonderful concept. The event setting was beautiful, but I was wondering WHY there were so many large portraits of Heavenly. LOL. Heavenly is doing a great thing by hosting events to help mentor young ladies. It is a blessing to be able to encourage others to reach their goals and dreams.

Simone and Jackie Teach Sex Ed

It is really promising to see Mariah and Quad together again. However, it was the biggest shade fest of the night. Obviously, there are some unresolved hurt feelings between these two. I have missed Mariah hanging out with the group, but I completely understand why she has not been around. A miscarriage is a tough emotional experience for any woman.

Quad and Mariah Finally Reunite

Hope you'll tune in to Married to Medicine again next Sunday.
Dr. Simone

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