Simone: Mariah May Not Be Ready to Rejoin the Group

Simone: Mariah May Not Be Ready to Rejoin the Group

Simone thinks things might still be too raw for Mariah and her husband.

Thank you to all of the Married to Medicine fans for tuning into another week of our lives. I know you have plenty of choices on television, and I appreciate your support. I am excited about Labor Day weekend, and that means another day of rest and relaxation.

The show tonight starts with the ladies getting ready for the couples trip in the Bahamas. I was very excited to go over to Mariah’s to catch up and make sure she was going on the trip. All I could do is laugh at Mariah’s jab that I have not always been the most loyal. (IS SHE REALLY TALKING TO ME?!) It is amazing to me how people can see everyone else’s flaws, but be totally blind to their own. As I stated tonight, there are some things I wish I would have done differently with the group. Everyone who watched the show last year knows I did everything in my power to encourage Mariah to hang around with the group and to reconcile with Quad. Mariah is the only one to blame for the position she now finds herself in.

As you can tell, we had a great time flying to the Bahamas with the entire group and riding the resort bus to our location. Cecil and I planned this trip, and I want to make it clear: It is tough putting together travel plans for nine doctors! Call and work schedules and office hours are just a few of the many challenges to planning a trip. We decided on Freeport, Bahamas for its convenience and proximity to Atlanta, and we booked our stay at the Viva Wyndham. The Viva Wyndham is a nice hotel. It is definitely not a five-star hotel, but all I can do is laugh at some of the comments made by the ladies. Trust me, no one on this trip was born or raised at the Ritz Carlton. I did laugh at the part with Toya and Eugene checking into their room. They had some funny lines.


The Ladies Arrive in the Bahamas

My prayers go out to Dr. Jackie when watching this episode with her father’s failing health. Mr. Leroy has since passed on, and I know Dr. Jackie cherishes every moment she spent with him and is thankful for the great care she was able to provide for him while living in Atlanta. LaKesia is truly a blessing to Jackie as a nurse, office manager, and especially as a friend.

I love my friend Quad, but trust me, you have to give her a fake time, because she will always be late. Our first dinner in the Bahamas on the water was beautiful. The Viva Wyndham did a great job of setting up the dinner. It is interesting how the women and men are huddled together separately, and supposedly the men handle conflict differently than we do. However, after seeing the confrontation between Aydin and Eugene, I am not sure of the differences. I think it is becoming clear that Mariah and Aydin may not be ready to rejoin the group. He is still very angry about past situations. And Mariah is choosing her words carefully in relationship to her illness and believes that no one was there for her.

The dinner was nice, and we had a good time going around the table sharing words of wisdom and thoughts about the group . . . until Eugene struck a nerve with his family analogy. All families have issues, and it is no different than our group of friends. However, the mention of family set Mariah off, because she believes no one has supported her over the last year. I hated to see Mariah and Aydin leave the dinner early, especially so upset.

You Can't Pick Your Family

Unfortunately, after Mariah and Aydin left, the real fireworks began. I am not sure what made Toya believe she had the right to be commenting about someone’s relationship and calling Dr. Darren out as treating Lisa wrong. Anyone who has been married knows everyone at the table could be called out for making a bad decision in the marriage. This discussion opened up the strip club again and started another blowup between Jill and Lisa. I have to admit, I was not on Lisa’s side when she accused Jill of setting up Dr. Darren at the strip club. However, Jill making disparaging comments about Lisa’s business is way out of bounds. Lisa is a successful business woman, and it is not Jill’s place to make assumptions about her business. Remember what her husband, John, said about the word "assume"!

Show Highlight
Here We Go Again

I hope you tune in with me next week to watch part two of our couples retreat in the Bahamas. Believe me, we had some fun times on the trip, but as you can see from the preview, plenty of drama, too. Enjoy your Labor Day and have a rib or two for me--just don’t tell Dr. Jackie.

Is Heavenly Threatened by Jill?


Have a great week and God Bless,
Dr. Simone

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