Toya: I Thought Quad and I Were Building a Friendship

Toya: I Thought Quad and I Were Building a Friendship

Toya has a theory as to why Quad wanted Jill to accompany her to LA. 

Watching the episode this week reminds me of how great of an opportunity Married to Medicine has been in the lives of some of the ladies. Some of the ladies have used this platform to launch some great things. I want to congratulate Quad on being made a brand ambassador for BCBG. Being interviewed and being acknowledged by such a lucrative global brand is such an awesome opportunity.

Speaking of Quad…I did, however, feel “some type of way” when I heard that Quad had invited my friend Jill to L.A. I thought Quad and I were building a friendship, and although I understand why Simone would be there in support of her, I am confused why I wasn't invited. Quad doesn't know Jill better than she knows the lady at the local Starbucks. I guess it’s true what they say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I think when Quad saw that Jill was accused of setting Lisa up at a gentleman’s spot, she must of thought to he self “Who is this Jill?! I must meet her and have her as one of my minions! Hahaha (evil laugh).” Very interesting, and I look forward to seeing how this will play out.

If You're Not With Quad, You're Against Her

Speaking of Lisa…Why on earth would you guys schedule DJ’s birthday party on a day that Darren had to work? Both of our husbands work in the Emergency Department and have to put in their schedule requests months in advance. There is no excuse for Darren not being there for his only son’s birthday. A bit of advice: Use a family calendar like we do in the Harris house. We share events and update the family calendar daily so these kind of conflicts never happen. It’ll give you guys one less thing to stress about and make family gatherings more special, because you can all be there.

Speaking of family…Jackie. This week touched me in a special way. I know everyone likes to act like I’ve always lived the life of a stay-at-home mom, but I used to work for Novartis Pharmaceuticals and sold Exelon, one of the the preeminent Alzheimer’s drugs on the market to this day. I learned a great deal about the disease and was trained in the effects the disease has on families. But seeing it through Jackie made it even more REAL. Jackie showed her strength as an amazing daughter and seeing her with her father really pulled at my heartstrings. I will continue to keep her family in my prayers, and I know my friends and prayer warriors will do the same.

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Jackie Is Faced With a Difficult Decision

Speaking of prayer…Please, Lord, give me a house like the Azaria house. Did you see that?!

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