Toya: It's Best to Mind Your Own Business

Toya explains where she thinks Simone went wrong with the Quad/Lisa Nicole situation.


Do you remember growing up, playing on the playground and you saw something going on across the yard, and you ran over to see what it was. Once you pushed through the crowd you asked that one little sassy girl what was going on, and she loudly told you, "Mind your bees wax!" Everyone started laughing and you were left feeling very embarrassed, wishing you never got involved or asked a question. That is the worst!

I am all about sticking up for your family, friends, and people who cannot fend for themselves, but there are times when it is just best to mind your own business. Case in point: Simone. Simone took a stance that she was not inviting Lisa to her event because Quad was attending. However, Simone later learned (thanks to me) that BOTH Lisa and Quad attended the same birthday party at the same damn time for someone else, and there was no issue. So why is it again that Simone did not invite Lisa to the event? Oh because Quad claimed she would never be in the same building as Lisa. Hmmm...Quad can go drop it like it's hot at a birthday party with Lisa but not support her friend Simone and her child with Lisa there? Then to add insult to injury, Simone had to turn around and apologize to Lisa and invite her to the event due to her getting in the middle of something she should have just stayed out of in the first place. Tsk tsk, what a mess!

Simone: "This is a Contradiction!"
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Which again brings me to, why can't we just all get along? Why when it comes to associating with a large group of women there always has to be some sort of drama or discord over small things? And honestly, if you can't get along with the people in the group, than just remove yourself and press on. Why must everyone suffer? I am just saying...


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