Toya: Working Alongside Your Spouse Has Its Challenges

Toya: Working Alongside Your Spouse Has Its Challenges

Toya explains the upsides (and downsides) to working alongside her husband. 

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Working With Your Husband...

The life of an ER doctor can be insane. The hours and the physical and mental stresses can be a lot. There are days when Eugene comes home after working several long shifts at the hospital (sometimes during the day and sometimes in the evenings), and he just needs to decompress before he can even interact with his family. I know that my husband works extremely hard, and I respect and honor the time that he needs to unwind. Due to the fact that I am a stay-at-home mom, I have a flexible schedule that allows me to be there for my husband. Can you imagine if I had to work a 9-to-5 and Eugene had to work five evening shifts in a row? That would mean my husband and I would hardly get to see each other or, furthermore, have family time with the boys. Within this year alone, Eugene and I have witness three failed relationships in the medical community with ER doctors due to adultery. This is devastating, because it is the demise of a home, which no one wants. I think that is why I work so hard at being everything my husband and sons need. My family is the most important thing to me, and I want to keep that intact. On top of raising amazing children, I also work hard on my relationship with Eugene. I work on not only being his partner but also being his helpmate.

Deciding to work alongside Eugene on Nomad MD is another way of spending quality time with my husband, in addition to working on our empire. Some of the most successful businesses are family run, such as Wal-Mart, The Bronner Brothers, Enterprise Car Rental, and Perdue to name a few. Now do not get me wrong, working alongside your spouse has its challenges; the arguments may be a little more intense and hit below the belt, but in the long run it is worth every hardship and disagreement. Eugene and I will get to a point where we can calmly talk it out, resolve the issue, and keep pressing on as a team. One of the Bronner brothers mentioned in an interview with TD Jakes, "The things that can cost you most in business, is a busted up home... he taught us to keep the family together." And I wholeheartedly believe in that philosophy.

When Jill mentioned to Heavenly she decided to leave her firm and work along with her husband, I can totally relate to that. Working with your spouse gives you a mutual conversation. If your spouse is constantly at work and not engaged with you, your topic of conversation could get limited due to the lack of interaction, or worse, they connect with someone else at work. But imagine all the great conversation you engage in when you are working on a project and building wealth together. Endless.

I would not trade the life that I have, and each day I thank God for the blessings he bestows upon me. I have a husband who is committed to growing and building with me. I find working with my spouse to be more rewarding than working for any corporation. However, at the end of the day, Eugene and I know the most important thing is that our marriage comes first. No spreadsheet, building, or business meeting supersedes us being a family. That, my dear, is the Harris family company motto, and with that mission statement we will always win. #winning

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