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Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott Metcalfe on the Future of Their Marriage: "The Stakes Are Really High"

The Married to Medicine couple opens up about what Season 8 has in store and what may be next for their relationship.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Married to Medicine fans witnessed Dr. Contessa Metcalfe go through an incredibly tough time in her relationship with her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, in Season 7. Being away from home while working to earn her master's degree in public health had put a strain on her marriage, ultimately resulting in her decision to withdraw from school.

Fast forward to Season 8, and Dr. Contessa is back home with her husband and their three children, daughters Lauren and Laila and son Landon. She had even gone back to school and successfully completed her master's degree before this season began.

However, the doctors are now facing new challenges on Married to Medicine, which we'll learn more about as Season 8 continues, according to the trailer released prior to the premiere.

In the most recent episode that aired on April 4, Dr. Contessa shared that she felt like she and Dr. Scott still needed to work on their communication as a couple, even though they had stopped going to counseling. Dr. Scott revealed in a separate conversation with Dr. Damon Kimes that he wasn't sure if he and Dr. Contessa were on the same page about their future.

During an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider prior to the Married to Medicine Season 8 premiere, Dr. Scott shared that viewers would see the couple "coming back under one household" this season and "seeing what we can do in terms of making it work."

"It’s kind of like we just picked up where we left off last season, but it was more of the same. It’s just tough. I mean, we’ve been married for, what, 15, almost 16 years now? And it’s just tough," Dr. Contessa added during the same interview with Dr. Scott. "It’s kind of like a plant. Like, if you don’t water it, it won’t grow, right? And so, you've got to invest in your relationship, and when you don’t give it exactly what it needs, then it could suffer."

Of course, with a family that also includes three children, this marriage is definitely worth fighting for, according to Dr. Contessa. "I just think it kind of shows some of our growing pains in that sense, and even kind of how we have different perspectives on things and what’s going on and just how two people try to figure it all out in the world — and knowing there are three little people who are watching, and trying to figure it out as well," Dr. Contessa also noted of how we will see her and Dr. Scott navigate their relationship this season of Married to Medicine. "So, just hope and pray, I mean, that you do your best, the best you can, ‘cause you know the stakes are really high."

Though one would think that opening a brand-new integrative medicine clinic together this season would also add stress to their marriage, Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott said that they're actually used to working together, having done so in other jobs in the past. "It doesn’t affect us at all," Dr. Scott said. "We both are there part time, so our schedules typically don’t work out where we’re there at the same time all the time, and I think that works out well for both of us."

All in all, this Married to Medicine couple does see a bright future ahead with Dr. Scott even planning something special for him and his wife, who will celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary this year. "Seeing that we’re close to approaching 20 [years], it would be good to do, like, something for our 20th to signify that we made it. Or, you know what? If you ever feel that in your relationship it’s time to do something special, I think you should just do it and maybe not put a specific stamp on a day or say, 'Let’s wait 'til our 20th,'" Dr. Scott said. "I think, more or less, it’s just [that] we’re both sitting here trying to be the best that we can and [be] the best parents. It would be great to somehow have a great 20th vow renewal, anniversary-type get-together. I think that would be kind of good fireworks for the relationship."

Dr. Contessa shared that she has actually thought about renewing her vows with her husband before. "There were so many different times in our marriage that I’ve actually said we need to because we need a do-over. Like, we need to start over, we need a moment where we just press the reset button," she recalled. "I get why people do it every year. They recommit to one another. They refocus on the marriage as being something that’s important to them, because if you don’t, then you don’t pay attention to it, right? Sometimes, you get into this place of complacency. On the whole scale of what’s important, you forget anything about the couplehood. So, it just is a visual to that couple that this is important, and we’re gonna focus on it."

Dr. Scott agreed that a vow renewal could be exactly what he and Dr. Contessa need right now, adding, "Yeah, so maybe this year we’ll have a sweet 16."

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