Ep 6: Love Is In The Air

Ep 6: Love Is In The Air

Season 1 |
Air Date: April 2, 2019

Adan and Elan are done wrestling with their stormy past and regain a hold on their brotherly love when they go to a Lucha Libre match. Oscar overcomes a couple of fears: heights and commitment, as he and Paulina take their kids on a hot air balloon tour, where he gathers the courage to let his family know that he’s been seeing someone. Raquel and Doris are interviewed by Mexico’s premiere magazine, Clase, for the first time since Leon’s death, and the journalist uncovers another layer to the Bessudo family. Adan blows some hot air of his own when he meets up with Doris to talk business and is confronted about some decisions he’s made behind Doris’ back. 

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