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A Family Fractured

S1/EP4 |
Aired: March 19, 2019
The three dynasties get together to celebrate Mari and Fernando’s 31st wedding anniversary on the beautiful canals of Xochimilco. Adan hits a sour note with his parents when he brings Doris along to a recording session with Ricky Martin’s producer. 43:24

La Voz of Reason

S1/EP3 |
Aired: March 12, 2019
Oscar’s birthday begins with a mariachi band and ends with a wild S&M themed party. Jenny and Elan move their kids to Mexico. Adan worries he made the wrong decision about La Voz, and wonders if he needs new advisors in his life. 43:24

A Star is Torn

S1/EP2 |
Aired: March 5, 2019
Elan and Jenny kick off their music career by signing with a major Mexican record label. Meanwhile, Doris adjusts to working in a home office and has to convince Raquel to attend Oscar and Paulina's Canasta party to get her out the house. 43:24

Dynasties, Dinero, Dysfunction

S1/EP1 |
Aired: February 26, 2019
Doris Bessudo returns to Mexico City. Renowned Mexican singer and actor, Fernando Allende and his wife Mari, anticipate the arrival of their son. Oscar Madrazo returns home from a vacation. All three families reunite, but old rivalries arise. 43:24

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