All About Me

All About Me

Season 1 |
Aired: August 11, 2009

Michael and Maria force Katrina to go out with them in hopes she may loosen up a bit. Katrina isn’t interested in the guy Michael tries to hook her up with, and her friends start to wonder if she’s really over Ben. Sorah talks to her boyfriend, Gonzalo, about her frustration with George and his lack of responsibility, eventually confronting George in front of their friends. A situation that is uncomfortable for everyone. Michael goes out on a much anticipated date with super sexy Diego and seems to hit it off until he later sees some worrisome pictures of him on Facebook. Meanwhile, Hardy and Trixia team up for a charity event and discuss George and Lina’s problems. Ariel hosts a fashion show to launch his new clothing line, but is disappointed when his friends don’t show.

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