A Legend In His Own Mind

A Legend In His Own Mind

Poly-Blend? Never! Ariel responds to Michael's comments.

Now that I have actually seen the full second episode, I feel that it was superior to the first episode as the plots are unfolding and the characters are becoming real and familiar to the viewers.

There were two really hilarious comments in the opening scenes of episode two. One in Particular that I liked was when Lina said to George "Geeeezzzz.. up tight a__" which was in context with their conversation on Lina's arrival back to Miami, which you saw in the opening of the second episode. Their confusing relationship is one of the most exciting parts of our series. Another funny statement was by Katrina when the dog was squealing in the park and Katrina said to Michael, "He's probably making the same noise you do when your in bed."

Maria and her Daughter:

The love between Maria and her daughter is real and beautiful to watch. As I see it, Maria's daughter is mature beyond her age and seems to understand her mother very well. The daughter takes the good and the bad that she sees and still maintains a loving relationship. It's not up to me to moralize Maria's relationship with her daughter. That's Maria's business, but the love is there and it's real.

Katrina and Ben:

The relationship between Katrina and Ben is explosive as they keep saying they're friends but they're constantly snipping at each other. each one seems to be trying to get the upper hand by retaliating on points that are really not important. For example Ben stated "some things never change" and Katrina came back with "May you find your future wife at the strip club, your mom will be so proud of you." He comes back to her and says "I'm not looking for a future wife" She replies "I'm not looking for a future husband." They're irritated with each other, but I feel they still love each other and may have some attachment issues.

Hardy and Trixia:

Their relationship doesn't seem to be one of sharing and giving to each other. One of the main issues is Trixia wanting to have a baby as she feels she's getting older and may be running out of time. Hardy feels that having a child would make him feel trapped. People who love each other and want to spend a lifetime together would normally want children. Trixia wants a child for the wrong reason and Hardy doesn't want a child also for the wrong reason. In my opinion they're the wrong people for each other. In order for them to succeed there has to be a major change in attitude and thinking for the both of them or find some one else. The main thing in a relationship other than sex is the ability to be unselfish and sharing.

Me and Hardy:

Hardy and I have worked together on many projects. I respect Hardy and I assume he respects me. It seems when I asked for something special he seemed irritated and not accommodating. I felt hurt by his statements on what tables are reserved or not reserved. Nothing in Miami is ever really, really reserved except if by owner request, and only people in Miami that know the inside of the club business, and operations knows that there is always someone that can over ride an executive decision at a nightclub or hotel. I should never have made the Sandra Bernhard remark. I didn't mean to be rude. I was once told by my grandfather that when I had a thought it was my prisone, but when I say it out loud, I become it's prisoner. It's something I do often and I have to learn how to control that tendency.

Me and Michael:

I believe Michael is very confused about me. As Shakespeare said "The lady doth protest too much" I think Michael would really like to have a relationship with me, but is afraid I would reject him and he can't handle rejection. His remarks about Cashmere and Poly-Blend shows how really insecure he really is. When someone tries to lower someone to bring themselves up it shows two things; jealousy and inferiority complex. By comparing me as poly-blend and making himself cashmere he personifies that statement. Regarding the Kardashian situation, I have spent some time with Kim over a year ago and even though I haven't spoken to her in awhile I still felt a loyalty to defend her when she is attacked, which Michael did. His reason for this attack is jealousy. He has this need to put me down in order to elevate himself which never works. I would have also defended her sister as well. When he said to Katrina in front of me describing the man he wanted to be he stated, "Not like Ariel gay " is for the same reason he attacks me generally, again to elevate himself by putting me down. That is usually a teenage approach. Michael is a legend in his own mind.

George and Lina:

In this first episode George questions his relationship with Lina, asking himself if this is lust or love. Lina's trip to St. Barths without telling George foments distrust. Distrust is hard to over come and hurts a person in general. Intellectually he knows Lina is not right for him. Emotionally George is trapped in this relationship and cant get out. George does not seem to have a future with Lina and he is confusing great sex with what a relationship should be. In order to love someone you need to like them. In the word LIKE L stands for Loyalty, I stands for integrity, K stands for Kindness and E stands for electrical energy. George has all these qualities towards Lina, but Lina does not and if George does not recognize this he will only stop himself from finding love and happiness. I've been through this before so I can relate. Lina is not a bad person, she is just not the right one for him.


I don't have anything to say about Sorah other than she is Intelligent, pretty and an all around good person. She puts up with peoples problems with good spirits and has an open mind. I respect her and any guy is lucky to have her.

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