A Little Miracle

A Little Miracle

Lina, babies, and scandal. Oh my! George covers it all.

Yes it happened exactly like that....I think it was the happiest and scariest moment I'd ever experienced. It happened I think like this, 'My first child on the way!!! WOW! Oh my God - My first child -S%#%!!!!' I think being the analytical type I really started thinking about everything we needed to do at the same time trying to figure out if I was having an out-of-body experience. Is my name George? Am I dreaming? As volatile as things between Lina and I are I really think its a miracle and I think she could be a great mom! Obviously we have our share of things to work on, and oh boy, could only imagine when the whole hormone thing really starts to take place.

So as you can imagine to find out that we were not having the child soon after, it was very emotional and sad for both of us. In addition to doubting her pregnancy I know a lot of you are going to say I dodged a bullet here. I really don't look at it that way.

In the last 4 episodes of Miami Social, Lina has come off as off the wall basically, and me being just as crazy for putting up with it (I've been called a wimp and she has been referred to as 'the devil'). The fact is you see what are the major points of drama, what you do miss is that Lina and I both are successful business owners that work 12-16 hours a day, 5-6 days a week (in fact it's quite common for her to work 20 hours a day+), and feel the same economic pressures as most of the country. Not to mention we are both in real estate and have probably felt even more than most industries. Lina started several businesses on her own and with her family since coming to the country only 7 years ago (not speaking the language or knowing anyone, with a few dollars in her pocket) and made a substantial name for herself accross many facets from interior design to real estate to emergency services. In addition, as a person she is very warm, affectionate, and believe it or not even NICE most of the time. We both are very good at pushing each others buttons, which is something we are both guilty of. However I think most of you can identify with that one guy or girl you dated (and maybe even ended up marrying) who you had more passion than anyone else, which also led to some of the worst arguments. Well welcome to mine!

Communication is key and that I believe that was our biggest short coming, but is something that can be worked on to develop more trust. I'm not trying to go out and convince everyone that Lina is perfect or that I'm perfect (or I'm no Angel, as Mrs. Lankina so eloquently stated in one of her blogs), because honestly I don't care what others think (which is the reason I signed up to do the show and opening up our lives )-it matters only what I feel. But I did feel it necessary to give a little bit of insight on Lina and her 'Story.'

Bottom line is everyone has their drama, some more than others. It has to do with the happiness that your partner brings you and ultimately being happy with yourself....this is a difficult relationship, but nothing good comes easy, and if it did I don't think it would be appreciated as much. This was an emotional time, I realize it may cause some uneasiness amongst people, but was pivotal in the relationship. I hope it made us both more mature and appreciative of each other and the things we have, even though neither of us take anything for granted....

I was just reading through all the comments that people were making in response to my blogs. I'm asked to take some time to comment on the episode weekly. I realize that every week I have found myself directly or indirectly defending myself and my relationship (this blog being no different). Dramatic realationships are great TV and kinda like a car wreck on the side of the road that you can't look away from. My intention in the last blog was to sincerely address what has taken place up to this point and specifically in the last episode: including why I've reacting to Lina the way I have, a bit more incite into what attracted me to her and my feelings put into words that may sometimes escape theTV screen.

I wanted to post this blog before the next episode because I never addressed viewers comments....maybe this is the medium, maybe not, but far be it for me to hold off for fear of additional criticism. I have read every single comment that was made since the frist episode aired. I would like to thank you for taking the time to comment with your opinions and real life experiences. Some comments speaking to unhealthy relationships they were in that mimic mine, some telling me to RUN and some actually saying love comes in all different packaging, that we should hang in. Quite honestly I pride myself on making my own judgement calls-and not letting people interfere in my life whether friend, foe or otherwise; but only an ignorant person ignores others input and past history altogether. In fact, I personally used a quote that someone included in their comment  - the definition of insanity.

I'm 33 years old and I realize I have still much to learn and experience. I also realize "you learn for a lifetime but live for the day," as my psuedo-adopted little sister Tiffany posted on her Facebook. After having a quick lunch with her where we both just started spouting off how rough its been to reach our monthly goals for our prospective business, I quickly realized what is really important. We both love making money but funny enough it went right into her talking about finding a good man that she would be interested in having a family with, and the difficulty she's had associated with this. Obviously playing the big bro-been there done that role, saying "Hang in there, you'll meet the right person." I wish everyone who's having a not so good day/week/year has at least someone who can bring a smile to them - and for that I have counted myself lucky....

-George "The Bleeding Heart" LOL!

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