Big Egos and Big Shields

Big Egos and Big Shields

Katrina offers some Miami words of wisdom.

Well here we are – Episode 4 of Miami Social. I normally maintain a type of tunnel vision of sorts as I live my life while sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone to either challenge myself, state a fact or simply to point out a lesson learned.

In this case with all my senses subdued and my mind serene, I would like to elaborate a bit on a prevailing societal flaw – if you will… A quote I read some time ago by Diana Black made me stop and ponder since it hit home. “Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space” – indeed a great truth. While on The Apprentice, Donald Trump made reference to the fact that I had been “duped” during one of the infamous “Board Room Scenes." At the time, I found the comment to be quite offensive, especially coming from a man of such stature yet soon thereafter, I laughed about it, not only because it was true but mostly because I had learned from it.

We as humans are susceptible to the misinterpretation of concepts thus misleading the understanding. Being in business at a young age, I had to learn quickly, endure wounds and cherish the scars or face the demise of a healthy ego. I learned the difference between my ego and my opinion. As a result of my prior experiences I no longer find myself totally vulnerable.

Miami Social has exposed all cast members to critical judgment but we must keep in mind that by opening up our lives to the public eye, we consciously empower others to attack our intellect, our demeanor, our diction and in essence our entire appearance. How we deal with this is the true challenge. We can either maintain our dignity or perpetuate the conflict.

When working, I tap into things that are universal in nature, completely beyond my ego and my own self, when living, I work at staying healthy, relinquish the need to control, the need for approval and most importantly the need to judge and instead I follow my bliss. When we examine the lives of the influential there is one common denominator – These individuals are very much in touch with their spiritual nature which ultimately aligns their lives with their physical self.

In lieu of repetition, at the very least, I talk the talk and walk the walk and have an unwavering passion to leave this world a better place.

On a separate note, many viewers have inquired about the house I lived in during the filming as well as the houses I visited with Michael as possible options for my new home. As a result, I am providing you with an inside look into cribs! Enjoy! What do you all think?!!!!!

Check them out HERE!


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