Crazy Energy

Crazy Energy

Sorah dishes the dirt on what she really thinks of Lina.

I know! It's not easy being George's Ex Wife! Let me tell you!

My relationship with George is interesting. We have a past and I adore him, but make no mistake this is a love/hat relationship, keep watching & you will see. I was totally shocked when Lina came to Gonzalo's apartment. I think you were shocked too, huh?

First, isn't Gonzalo great? He is aware and knows the deal between George and I. He respects my past and that's I think one of the things that works so well..

C'mon now! I think Lina was pushing it when she came up here to complain about George. I was enjoying my evening, having a romantic date with my boyfriend and I was so upset that Lina came to the door?! Here is what I really think about Lina, if I may: She doesn't have manners; she has anger management issues and I think her job is very questionable. I too am in in real estate. I work for one of the biggest development companies in the country - The Related Group (feel free to check & I doubt that my boss would ask me to go "work" in St. Barts on a 164 foot yacht. You?

Anyway, my advice to Lina was the same advice I give to my friends in life about lots of issues from work to personal: Breath, calm down and then make concious decision. I don't like crazy energy. Speaking of crazy energy, I really enjoy when we all get together at the Gansevoort. You know, Michael and Ariel's little chicken fights!!! Katrina is great, I just think that she needs to loosen up a little. I was sad about her & Ben, but she is beautifful & young - life goes on and it's not all about work! Maria's scene was emotional to me, and it might sound silly, but I actually cried when she sent her daughter to school. :o/ A lot of people have asked me how I have handled my divorce with George.

Here what I always try to keep in mind.

1. No matter what - try to learn THE lesson!

2. respect yourself and "try" to respect each other

3. Enjoy what's left, an i mean the friendship you once shared.

Okay! Big Kiss, until Next Tuesday! S

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