I Have A Heart

I Have A Heart

Ariel defends his often out-of-line behavior.

We have finally reached episode three. I can definitely say the characters are all coming to life and the "one hour episodes" are becoming faster and more exciting to watch. Katrina is by far one sexy, powerful and intelligent business woman who understands and wants the best for me, and Sorah is doing great with Gonzalo and feels for George. Maria is missing her daughter and spending quality time with Michael, Michael is Michael, George is an unsolved mystery with Lina and maystill be hung up on Sorah his ex-wife, Hardy is showing less interest in Trixia and being a great friend to me, and as far as I go I will leave that to you readers and your responses. Provided in my blog of episode three are some thoughts I would like to share with you below. Thank your for visiting me on Bravotv.com Best, Ariel


In the opening of Episode Three, Katrina's Business acumen is to be admired. She is forthright and honest with her dealings with Clients. She is fun to watch because of her obvious love of the business she is in. Her exuberant personality shines through in her dealings with people. She is defiantly a people person. She's funny, she makes me laugh and shes highly intelligent. A real woman in my eyes. I enjoyed meeting Katrina's mother at one of her open house events. Now I know where Katrina gets her charm. It's nice to see a family work together it reminds me of my family.

Michael, Maria and a bit of Katrina:

Michael's comment regarding Katrina where he says to Maria "lets make a toast!!!.... to finding Katrina isn't a whore, continuing with a closing remark "she hasn't had a man put her in her place, she needs a man who's like shut up about the Campins Company and take it." To me it doesn't make any sense to toast your friends stating remarks like that. To me Michael doesn't like powerful woman or powerful people, they intimidate him so he says silly comments to make him feel most powerful.

Maria and Michael make a good couple. Michael is always talking about other people and interfering in other people's personal business and privacy when he should be concentrating on himself and his line of work. Welcome to Miami - there's a lot of them that lose focus of who they are. He has so much talent and he is very gifted in writing, but is stuck on other people's business and it's the wrong people, it's his friends, It's poor behavior, extremely juvenile and very sad. It's sad that Maria sits through it, because misery enjoys company. I would have just gone to the movies.

Katrina explains to Michael that deep down inside she doesn't see (Arial) -me, as an evil guy. Michael has nothing to say, he's been slamming me. I don't think I once had anything negative to say about him. I may make statements sometimes on "Miami Social" but I don't slam a person or publicly ambush them. I will say that I enjoyed Michael on this episode - his level of being a "lady" has toned down and I actually found him a bit more attractive and masculine. If he keeps it up maybe ill take him out for a "shirly-temple" on me.

George and Lina:

This relationship is clearly unhealthy. George is terrified of leaving Lina, he has no Idea what Lina is capable of doing and he fears that. Lina has george under her thumb and George is trapped. It's a constant "honeymoon cycle" - in definition begins with a fight which leads to a break-up to having make-up sex, to forgiving each other, and starting over again. This "honeymoon cycle" is typical in psychotic unhealthy relationships. Honeymoon cycling only gets worse and worse. We know it from Lina's shoes slammed into the door, we saw it with the knifes and clothing and glasses thrown, whats coming next? These two clearly have got to split before they hurt each other. If Michael was smart he should have not fueled Lina with "Jasmine" comments. Lina was absolutely right by calling Michael an "ass----". In a relationship between two people you never now how hard it is for them to solve the problems they go through. I saw the look in George's face and I can only imagine what happened when Michael and Maria left the house. In these situations you have to be very careful 'cause outsiders can really stir up some laundry and George doesn't have much clothing left in the basket, they've already been sliced & diced.

Hardy, Katrina and I:

Hardy is very smart and he and Katrina are usually right in their criticism of me and I appreciate them saying it to my face. It wasn't mean spirited or nasty, it was two friends trying to help a friend. I am too defensive and I haven't been successful as of yet to change that habit. I do appreciate their constructive criticism even if I didn't show it. There is nothing more appreciated than friends telling you how they feel about a situation regarding you and trying to help you for the better and face to face. It's a real form of friendship and the bond that was created between Hardy, Katrina and I, my two very exceptional friends and cast members is one that I will remember.

Other notes:

As far as several cast members that think they know me and really don't. My parents sent me to twelve hour a day private schools. six hours daily out of the twelve I had to study and understand subjects of law, first over moral, ethics and love. Being taught if you learn to obey these laws you are automatically ethical and moral. I don't always succeed, but I will keep trying. One thing I do know is that the law is for always, it never changes. These days all we can do is modify these laws of human nature. People aren't perfect and they never will be. I know one day I will learn to explain myself more appropriately and things will come out just right. At least I can sit and write a blog admitting that I'm not perfect, but I do have a heart.

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