The Little Lies of Miami Social

The Little Lies of Miami Social

Is Miami full of shallowness and deception? Maria breaks it all down.

Do you think people lie ? Do you think telling half truth is truth or a lie ? Do you believe lying ultimately leads to our dismay and destroys relationships whether business or personal?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Is it too deep for you ?

Watching the second episode, I couldn't help but ask myself those questions and notice the little lies that grow through the Miami Social's cast lives like a grapevine, pretty and lively and colorful, but ready to suffocate at any time ...

Here is my countdown of my three least favorite lies of Miami social:

1. Hardy lying to Trixia, saying he loves her. Remember the scene where he converses with George about love, marriage, etc (such a regular thing for guys to talk over the beer. NOT!). In the commentary he says: "I want to be married to someone because I love them, not because i feel trapped). Hello ! He just said he DOES NOT LOVE HER! I cant help but ask, WHY stay in relationship for 6 years if you know you don't love the person ?

2. Katrina about working too much, because she must have spent at least three hours after her "lunch hour break" paddle boarding getting back into the gear by putting herself together. We all know how Katrina loves big hair and "finished" make up look, which all the girls know takes FOREVER. So if she does not work all the time, what is she doing?

3. George trying to look like a saint and blaming his rough russian girlfriend in slutty outfits for going out too much. Did you pay attention that he brought out TWO girls to Michael's birthday the DAY HE BROKE UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND??? That's what he does all the time. I hope he wears condom at least.

FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CALL THE whole show shallow pay attention at the pile of books in the corner of my living room at the scene where Angelika and me are putting together outfits for her to wear during school. And for everyone who says we are so shallow we spend a lot of money on nothings, the bar stools u see in the same scene were 5 dollars each in charity shop. My green sofa ? On craigslist for $ 300.00. Its all about mixing up the items that are unique and worth a lot of money and those that are less unique and cost peanuts. Clothes we bought for Angelika mainly were bought in Forever 21, J. Crew and sparkly shoes were KATE SPADE bought at LOEHMANNS! Oh and did you pay attention to the fact that I drive SATURN SUV that's three years old? I make it look like a luxe car it is lol. Hey, I do have custom leather seats there! Little tip: if you wear jeans all the time do NOT, I repeat, do NOT do the tan leather seats. It doesn't work! Your jean stains will be left on your drivers seat forever engrained into the fine leather u paid a pretty dollar for. (well, OK, maybe it does not work with DVB jeans because the color runs greatly but I still love them).

Going with the flow that Miami Social is SHALLOW... while disagreeing with it greatly, I do agree there ARE shallow things we do.The three most shallow things on the second episode that strike my attention:

1. Remember the scene where Ariel wants a cabana or table or whatever he wanted that he couldn't have at the Gansevoort roof for the birthday party he was organizing? It is shallow to bitch about a complimentary table and tell your friend:" f..k you" when he offers you free bottle and such. What happened to high fashion types paying for the service themselves by the way? I thought friends are supposed to help each other in business not tire each other's resources out.

2. Michael calling Kim Kardashian a reality whore. Hmmm isn't that what we might become just about now? I do appreciate Michael researching the "whore" term for hours just recently to see what good have whores of our times done in the past. He had redeemed himself right there for me :)I have to say that Michael and me must have been separated a birth because I pick up on his jokes and laugh with him. Too bad I wasnt able to witness the Ariel versus Michael battle because I was in Europe celebrating Angelika's birthday with her in Lugano.

3. Calling all men with small dogs gays. Something Kat says in a scene when Michael and Kat walking their dogs in a dog park. All i want to ask Kat is, does it mean that every woman with large dogs is automatically a lesbian? Again we dive into the judgment pool here. Maybe that guy with a small dog is walking what's left of his sad divorce (the dog)? Would you write him off as potential date just because he has a small dog? :)

See you next week guys. Meanwhile try to be honest at least with yourself. Its the hardest part. But it makes a difference.

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