The Power of the Word

The Power of the Word

Find out what Katrina thinks of Ariel's cutting comments!

After watching the third episode of Miami Social, Hardy’s words directed at Ariel during our lunch meeting resonate –“your sentiments can be misinterpreted by your choice of words.” Words are extremely powerful as they are the mirror of the soul and the voice of the heart. Certain people have a way of saying things that shake us at the core - the way you express yourself paints a picture to our society of who you are and what you believe. Just as one painting can be interpreted in a myriad ways so can your diction.

A prime example of how words can scar your soul is Ariel’s obsession with people that are overweight. He admits during this episode that he was overweight and subsequently mocked quite frequently as a child. It is from these past experiences that his sensitivity toward the issue arises. I feel strongly about the subject since I work closely with young women in many different forums and I am adamant when I speak to them about respect, morals, ethics and the road to success. I cannot emphasize enough how important the right “focus” in life is – thoughts create reality and our focus determines our destination. When you respect people and accept them as they are you can then be much more effective in helping them to become better than they are.

Ariel is extremely talented and has a brilliant mind. He will accomplish all his goals, no doubt - yet I would love to see him do so while at peace with himself. As a friend that cares for him I wish he would release the deep rooted anger instilled in him by his peers as a child. The fact that he still believes he has weight to lose proves that his wounds subsist. Evidently and best said by Buddha - "Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are true and kind, they can change the world.”

On another note, I was happy to see that during the third episode, less of my relationship with Ben was showcased and more emphasis was placed on my drive and passion for real estate. The thrill of the deal is very much a driving factor in my success as a business woman and the building of my Campins Company brand is paramount. Challenging myself and knowing that I can overcome any obstacle thrown my way, maintains my focus and fuels me to accomplish more. I have always believed that you will never rise above the image you have of yourself in your own mind as someone once said. Money certainly doesn’t drive me and Ben would be the first to attest to that since I often forget to cash checks. Knowing first hand what hard work and dedication can result in makes me continue to strive for greater things. &

The two comments I get the most from people I meet are that I am the most driven person they have ever met and that I am much nicer than they had anticipated. As many times as I hear that I am always taken aback because I never associated success with having the right to be rude. As I mentioned to Michael in episode two, I truly believe that we are all made out of the same fabric which is why we must respect each other. Instead of focusing on the petty, people should strive to be better selves.

A good friend of mine commented on my casual statement about gay men not being able to be masculine to Michael during our weekly meeting at the Gansevoort. My bad – the truth is that I had never given it a thought prior to that particular moment and it was a simple and candid reaction to a conversation. Again – I do not focus on others, I do not judge anyone and I certainly do not generalize – therefore, my apologies if I offended anyone! The other discussion I wanted to clarify is the references made regarding Kim Kardashian. Michael and Ariel were simply pushing each other’s buttons- these guys are really good hearted people. Michael was wrong to have said what he said but it was done without malice. I guess he has been in the entertainment business too long. I personally take my hat off too Kim as she has built a tremendous brand - something I do not take lightly knowing how much work going into doing so. Props to you Kim! Keep shining!

In closing, I want to touch on the topic of Miami and the distorted perception we face as socialites in a beautifully produced MIAMI SOCIAL! Having been born and raised here, the stigma that Miami is wholly superficial, competitive, fickle and unscrupulous is disconcerting to me. Miami is indeed “THE MAGIC CITY," one of the nation’s most beautiful, well-rounded metropolitan havens with unique international flavor, pulsating and stimulating with diverse energies and Caribbean rhythms. Miami means big-city sophistication, exciting global marketplaces and seductive beaches. With its diverse population and disparate levels of wealth Miami is a hemispheric crossroads for trade, travel, culture and communications.

Getting back to the power of the word, acquaint yourself with the city, use the knowledge with wisdom, respect interdependence and enjoy the show as well as the scenery – it only gets better!

Do not knock it until you try it!

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