Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard

Ariel lets you in on what it's really like to live in South Beach.

Episode one is a start to a great reflection of what South Beach has to offer.

"South Beach" a part of Miami equivalent to Vegas. It views South Beach as a very colorful paradise, beautiful people and people that come to add "spice" to the city we live in.. It's fast paced and exciting to watch. To live in a city like Miami with all the fun it has to offer, but we do have jobs after all. We cant sit poolside every day and enjoy sipping cocktails. We work hard to play hard and it views the work we do that makes us happy every day so we can enjoy our outside play time and live life in the fast lanes of Collins Avenue.

In this episode, some of us "miami-socialers" have personal problems that we deal with and open up to for viewers like you to see. We share our stories. Clearly we are all not perfect, but at least at the end of the day whether we fight sometimes or not, we are a great group of 7 friends that have our support to fall back on and advice to give to one another.

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