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Jeffrey Alan Marks

Jeffrey Looks Back on Season Two

Jeffrey reflects on projects with Ross, upcoming design jobs in Los Angeles, a new book, and an engagement (!).

Publication vs. Posterity

Jeffrey explains his frustration with showrooms, but congratulates Mary, Martyn, and Kathryn for their work.

Grey Days

Jeffrey reflects on the loads of grey in this episode and the La Jolla remodel.

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Master Chef

JAM discusses his Thanksgiving, his upcoming book, and some plates he couldn't stand to part with.

JAM's Favorite Projects

Jeffrey tells you what he's been up to since last season and talks about the big designs you'll see this season.

Only Good Clients

Jeffrey explains the ideal client/decorator relationship and says what he thinks his castmates' talents are.

My Heart in San Francisco

Jeffrey Alan Marks explains why the purchase of a John Dickinson table is so important to him.