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Kathryn Ireland

This Old (Huge Mansion) House

Kathryn describes the antics she, Martyn, and Mary went through to bring Greystone Mansion back to life and into the 21st century.

Stacey Dash Is Fabulous

Kathryn Ireland wonders why Stacey Dash didn't call her and commends her fellow decorators on their good work.

Kathryn Does Dallas

Kathryn discusses mixing business and pleasure with friend Liz and why men love wood.

Speaking Kathryn's Language

Kathryn shares her dramas on the install and her thoughts on Mary and Martyn's conflict.

Kathryn Swears (and She's Sorry)

Kathryn shares why she didn't move to Ojai (it involves Reese Witherspoon) and apologizes for her language.

A Little R&R

Kathryn Ireland describes the cameraderie between the decorators, and her much-needed rest, courtesy of Martyn.

Jolly Old England

Kathryn discusses her relationship with James and the problem with problem clients.