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Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Wraps Up the Season

Martyn relfects on India, NYC penthouses, stars, pubs, mansions, and this season's delightful drama.

Martyn on the Perfect Pub

Martyn reflects on his sister becoming a "publican" and lets you know what the thinks a perfect pub should feel like.

Exuding the Elegance of the Era

Martyn shares what inspirated the Greystone bedroom and wonders why Jeffrey would turn down doing a room.

Martyn and Stacey Dash Get Creative

Martyn is far from Clueless when it comes to actress Stacey Dash's dream home, and redecorates to her heart's content.

Martyn and Michael

Martyn is ecstatic that we got to meet his partner, Michael... and experience first-hand just why it's so difficult to live with a decorator.

As the Botox Brow Strains

Martyn decides if Mary McDonald was going behind his back for their One Kings Lane collaboration.

Tamara Mellon's Sex Pit

Martyn shares how many grey hair he recieved creating the Jimmy Choo founders daring dining room.

Live, Love, and Decorate

Martyn discusses his day and thanks all the people that made the show a success

A Very Expensive Mistake

Martyn discusses Jeffrey and Ross' coffee table debacle and explains how to avoid it.