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Mary McDonald

An 'I Love Mary' Episode

Mary is happy you didn't see all of her embarassing remodeling antics, plus she reveals her age.

Mary McDonald on Jewels

Mary knows that the focus of this episode was her extensive jewelry collection.

Outfits Make the Episode

Mary discusses how great she looked in this episode and the Greystone show house.

The Joy of Collaboration

Mary explains why she loved and struggled while collaborating with Monika Chiang.

Martyn's Not My Frenemy

Mary shares tells of "Delhi Belly," sari shopping, and her One Kings Lane line.

On an Eye Roll

Mary comments on her and Martyn's One Kings Lane disagreement and on the impending end of the world.

Chewbacca Versus Monty

Mary shares what she really cares (her wardrobe choices) and thinks Margie's dog paid someone off.

Just Say No

Mary shares the troubles of her 24-hour install and her love of the finale episode

North South Carolina

Mary McDonald reflects on her time with Nathan Turner at High Point Market.