Shower Power

Shower Power

Jeffrey discusses the importance of the right drain and his showering habits.

I've been in New York all week working on a couple of projects and attending the Elle Décor A-List Honoree luncheon at The Modern. I had a great time at the lunch with Thom Filicia from Bravo's original design show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He is a great guy and has great talent. Every time I got in to a cab in the city I saw a video clip of Kathryn Ireland and myself talking design for a promo for Million Dollar Decorators on the yellow cab TV channel. The promo plays on a loop so it shows about every 5 minutes.

Just when I thought I could not take seeing anymore of myself, I watched this weeks episode of the show and discovered there is plenty more of me to see! I seem to spend a lot of time in the shower on this week's episode, however with the shower I designed for Cross Fit being so handsome, I really did want to use it.

The room turned out so well, the entire bathroom is by Waterworks -- tile, plumbing fixtures towels, shower curtain, lights, shower bench, even the soap! And, of course, the famous square drain was, too. . .which was absolutely worth the effort. I stand by my opinion that it's the only shower drain worth having. So the stress that Demetra 2 had to go through to make it work was entirely worth it. The great thing about Waterworks is it a one stop shopping trip. Also unlike most of the projects I work on, I did this one on a very tight budget and Waterworks had enough affordable merchandise that I was able to pull it off. I love the shower curtain made from white terrycloth with the gym logo silk screened onto the cloth. That is a really fun touch. The dark black blue grouting looks so good with the white subway tile, the overall look is so crisp, fresh and masculine. I reused the bench and shelves and just repainted them, which was an interesting experiment. I had the shelves mounted to wall and that made the world of difference. I am always amazed by how a little change like that can make a huge impact to a room. It's so satisfying when it works!

Enough blogging for now, I'm going to Cross Fit to use the shower.

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