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Chewbacca Versus Monty

Mary shares what she really cares (her wardrobe choices) and thinks Margie's dog paid someone off.

By Mary McDonald

Well here we are again for another season of laughs and drama MDD style. For some reason after watching the first episode all I can think about is never wearing those woolly sausage pants again instead of decorating. Is that wrong? Some of the filming staff kept calling me Chewbacca or referring to my Chewbacca coat because of that vest and now I see why. . .sort of sad really since at the time I was feeling somewhat glamorous. . .Chewbacca might have been a compliment after seeing my wooly pants blunder. I kept saying fur vests are in! That may be true but looking like a sausage. . .not really. Well, good for a laugh at least! Thank you for loving my sausage self peeps. I still am kind of partial to the Chewbacca part. BTW is that how you spell Chewbaka? Star Wars was a while ago for me.

So as usual, I was asked to revamp my client Margie Perenchio's guest house after completing her stately rambling glam main house. This side project she wanted like a soothing spa in mainly neutral tones. There really isn't enough time in television to show all the mind changing that goes on off hours or behind the cameras even to end up with a rather simple tonal scheme of a few subtle rooms. (Funny all I keep watching are my outfits and how my hair looks. I guess I am just a woman like every other woman. Oh yes, and wondering how much my weight really does fluctuate. . .I say five pounds, but I think I am lying by another five so it must be 10.) Oh yes, back to the subject at hand, design, anyway. . .

I must say Monty somehow came off more like the average normal dog with a growl more so than he actually is. He has nipped, barked, and growled his way to the top as far as I am concerned, and must have had his agent make sure his horrible freakiness ended up on the cutting room floor. I am sorry Margie but you know it's true. I feel you might have bought off his bad behavior so it somehow ended up edited.

As for Margie. . .Margie Perenchio herself is one of the most interesting funny off-the-wall, out-of-the-box people I have ever met and can simply say the soothing guest house could NEVER reveal her more zany side for America not her privilege. I am grateful to have her as a client and now friend. She called me because she saw me on the first season of MDD talking on a portable purse phone and knew I was the gal for her. Keep in mind she had her home designed by one of the most eminent French decorators of all time, Henri Samuel, so for her to call me because of an episode with a purse phone shows you what a lady of supreme fun she is.

I think for our first episode we get to see the most hair raising drama from Martyn and his Tamara Mellon install. It simply reminded me to always think ahead to installation and "Do I really want to have to install this megalithic thing?" As for his AWOL vendor, well, it had happened to me before with a couple of well-known names whom I will choose not to ruin here even if they deserve it. . .

I felt for him but the result was all ironed out and glam -- as we know Martyn to be. I wonder if she gives him free shoes? Does Jimmy Choo do mens? I would love her for a client for even just that reason. I need a shoe mogul. I am going to get right on that.

Well are we surprised that Kathryn and Jaqueline went wine tasting? Dah. . .no of course not. We must have some consistency in our lives somewhere, and I am grateful to those two for that. I think maybe Jaqueline should have her own blog on life thoughts or something, or how to tie a turban, or maybe just the art of wine tasting. Really anything just so we see her more. Speaking of drinking -- where the heck were Ross and Jeffrey when they got bombed in that wine cellar? I have been to there house and never saw that wine cellar so I am confused. Can someone help me out?

I see in our previews my Monika Chiang client is coming up and her GLAM Soho New York boutique. I also see my India trip with Martyn coming up which was glam, glam, glam, besides a little Delhi belly. I can't wait to see it myself so stay tuned everyone. Thanks for having us back!!!


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