I Am Iron Man

I Am Iron Man

Josh discusses his eccentric client and Madison's suit.

We're back for another season and I'm so excited for everyone to see some of the amazing deals to come together! I wish the cameras were rolling for these first five months of 2012. I've already sold over $88 million!

My client Steve is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He is the modern day "Iron Man." I must say that was one of the easiest sales this season. Steve's house had such an amazing backyard, but I never thought it would actually bring someone to tears. . .I'm so happy the cameras were there! That was what we call an emotional buy!

Can we talk about how cool his flying machine called "Parabounce" is? For those of you wondering I never did go up in the flying machine.

I know the home that Josh Flagg sold very well. I can't believe they included that extremely expensive art in the lease. That house is in the same guard gated community as Britney Spears' house that I just sold this past month for $4,250,000.

Isn't funny how Madison wears not just a suit, but a suit with a hanky. . .hmmm wonder where he got that from!?! He must be feeling the pressure to keep up with me. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery.

Thank you for your continued support of the show! The response has been overwhelming! Keep watching all season long for the drama is coming soon. . .

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Josh Altman

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