One Sell, Two Buys

One Sell, Two Buys

Josh A. looks at the bright side of divorce (more listings) and shares what he learned from his client.

Another episode in the books.

Divorce is one of those things in life that is sad when it happens. . .divorce in real estate. . .not so sad. It typically means one sale and two buys! LOL. That first house Josh Flagg showed was Lauren Conrad's house from The Hills. Flagg at the salon very funny.

For me, this was one of my favorite sales this season. I love the challenge and sometimes you gotta suck up your pride and admit you're wrong LOL.

Everything in life is a learning experience. I love those two women I closed the deal with on Gary's house. They were hysterical -- a modern day Laverne and Shirley. Gary was tough on me, but he turned out to be one of my favorite clients and now a very close friend (like many of my clients). Altman closes another deal!

Still waiting for Madison to sell a house in LA this season! I feel bad for his clients.

Next week looks intense. . .

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