A Rush of Blood

A Rush of Blood

Madison gets amped up about all the drama this season.

Oh dear goodness. . .my blood was rushing in the opening scene. That didn't take long to mix luxury real estate with the theatrics of our personalities (and those of our eccentric clients) to stir up a suspenseful first episode. I want more, I think. . .

I do enjoy watching my other two colleagues negotiate because I learn a few things (both what to do and what not to do). We certainly all three have different styles -- none being better than the other necessarily -- but some of the things that come out of our mouths are hilarious.

It is clear to me that the feud between Heather and myself escalates throughout the season, and of course obnoxious Josh A. feels the need to get involved in our business. Without Josh A., I would have very little or no drama in my life, but even still, is has become humorous to me how jealous and frustrated he acts whenever he is in my presence.

OK, I think that is close enough to stirring the pot and just about all I am willing to do, especially since I don't trust how far Josh A. and Heather will go for a little attention.

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