Sexy Rexy

Sexy Rexy

Madison mourns the loss of his longtime companion Rex.

Oh my little "Sexy Rexy" after 14 years as my companion passed. This was an emotional episode for me -- certainly not easy to watch, but I do feel grateful that I will forever have amazing footage of him on TV.

Another returning face, Camilo, is back to buy more real estate this season as well. He is my Colombian client who enjoys giving me a hard time, but in reality is a very nice guy.

Josh Flagg is genius in this episode. . .love the luxury cars and the beautiful home in Rancho Sante Fe.

Tune in to "On The Red Carpet" on ABC this weekend to catch me in an interview and featuring my new $5.35 million Malibu Beach house. Also, continue to tune in to E! News as I take you through celebrity homes for sale. . .exclusive tours of Howie Mandell and Rebecca Romijin's current homes and Diana Ross' former rental home!

Next week is the finale! Can't believe it has already gone by so quickly.

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