True Colors

True Colors

Madison isn't surprised Josh A. lost the listing over his un-smooth moves.

Another great episode for me! Helping my family sell our family home in Park City was great. I was very pleased with Julie as our realtor and my parents were happy that we sold the house shortly after listing it.

My favorite scene of the entire season thus far was Grandma Edith checking out Josh F's new listing, just to be snoopy. She tested the chair, the bed, the fridge, etc. She is hilarious and I am so grateful our world has such amazing personalities.


As for Josh A, well, it looks likes things might be taking a turn. Finally, his ego and "un"-smooth talking are working against him. Isn't his disparity to sell rather than serve his clients so obvious? Eventually, everyone's true colors surface and truth always prevails.

Hope you all are enjoying the season and know that I love reading your comments. Please keep it up and shout out on Twitter @MadisonMalibu.

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