I'm a Better Person for Knowing Marcos

I'm a Better Person for Knowing Marcos

Madison reflects on his fast, yet intense, relationship with Marcos, and congratulates Altman for making the leap.

Oh the relationship breakup episode. Ugh. Yes, I realize we weren't a match, and it certainly all worked out in the end, but I was telling the truth when I said gave the relationship a real effort with regards to being vulnerable, open, and communicative. It was a short relationship but since I went in from the beginning with an open heart, it developed as quickly as it ended.


Either way, I became a better person from knowing Marcos and wish him all the best.

Nonetheless, I had an amazing trip and made great contacts. Christina was my perfect sidekick, especially since she is a personal trainer and kept me busy exercising.

​So, does that mean I am single? Yes.

​But Altman is not. . .congrats to you and Heather.

​And Josh Flagg, you and Heather deciding to work together is genius. Hopefully that all works out as well.

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