Madison Reflects on Six Years of Reality

Madison Reflects on Six Years of Reality

Mr. Malibu thanks the fans for sticking with him through the ups and downs of six seasons of MDLLA.

Here we go again! Can't believe this is Season 6 for me. So blessed and conflicted at the same time. I love my fans and how this show enriches my career and connects me with so many amazing people -- it opens new doors everyday.

Particularly, this episode was fun and hilarious as my client, who is clearly gorgeous and a professional athlete, hired me to sell his house. I appreciate Sheldon Souray for hiring me to trust me with the sale/lease of his home and my clients who I put into his house loved it so much they actually extended their lease for 10 additional months.

Having said that, it is also time to buckle up for another 12 weeks of reality television. I must say, after six years I have gone and grown through so much and have shared it with America. Thankfully, my audience is forgiving and loving, and I am blessed with a loving fan base who appreciates me for me.

For better or for worse I am ready for this season as I can tell you that I have found true mastery, success, happiness, and balance. I have built a wonderful team at The Malibu Life and I love my fans and appreciate each and every one of you. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram (@MadisonMalibu) and Twitter (@MadisonMalibu). I love to hear your thoughts and respond to your questions. Also, be sure to check out my new website

"It's the man that makes the suit."

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