David: He Who Takes the Risk, Gets the Listing

David: He Who Takes the Risk, Gets the Listing

David explains how he was able to successfully sell a listing in only two weeks.

I stand by my philosophy that calculated risks are essential to success in business. And while offering to sell a home in only two weeks wasn’t exactly calculated, I decided on the fly. To James’ utter shock, I knew we needed a stunt to seal the deal on the Drexel listing. The competition of LA agents and the sought after neighborhood itself called for drastic measures. Once property photos went up on the MLS and word was out, it was essential to act fast with an open house.

Timing is everything when you have ten days left to sell! Fortunately, #BondStPartners knows how to throw a party. And while I have not lived in Los Angeles forever, I know some of the best spots to dine in the city. Yes, hard to believe it, but I'm a Brit with gourmet food sense! And when all else fails, juicy chicken from Daria always does the trick!

When we delivered the competitive offer to the other David and his boss in the allotted time frame, I was a bit taken aback by the initial resistance. OK, let’s be honest: I was floored...these two are tough! However, emphasizing how high the offer was in the climate of this market and pointing out the lower sale prices of homes with almost identical comps, made it impossible to turn down. In the end, despite James’ unrelenting anxiety, #BondStPartners delivered on our word and further blossomed the relationship with this valued client. And now my business partner can breathe again!  

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