David Loves His Hounds!

David Loves His Hounds!

David Parnes gushes about his two rescue dogs, Maxi and Bella, and weighs in on James Harris' rapping.

I laughed throughout this entire episode! From James’ attempt at rapping to my encounters with Altman to seeing my #MaxiAndBella’s #MDLLA debut, I was thoroughly entertained. Meeting and showing Doheny to Tyga was a great opportunity, and while this particular home wasn’t the right fit, #BondStPartners looks forward to the possibility of working with him in the future.


When we received the offer from David's boss, we knew he was serious and could close the deal quickly, therefore it was essential to negotiate the optimal price for our client and get the deal agreed to ASAP. When negotiating, it is important to remain calm, clear-headed, and stand firmly behind your convictions, but at the same time not risk losing a good buyer. In this case, we knew the agent’s cosmetic demands did not warrant us going lower than 5.2M. At this price, the deal showed a great profit for our client and also delivered an exceptional property for a fair price to the buyer. 

These deals are the most satisfying when both sides walk away happy. It is right up there with how happy my sweet Basset Hounds make me! Maxi and Bella are rescue dogs, and I strongly urge anyone planning on getting a dog to consider adopting a rescue. These innocent angels came into my life from a kill shelter and have brought me endless joy and love. 



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