David Spray Tans for Success

David Spray Tans for Success

David Parnes explains the importance of a good tan (and a good suit) in the real estate business.

The business partners that spray together, stay together! People poke fun at me and James for spray tanning, but it’s better for you than soaking up the sun, and with our busy schedules, who has the time? First impressions are a huge part of our business -- we must look the part to sell multi-million dollar homes. In addition to getting a little faux tan from time to time, we turn to KP Rebels for custom tailored suits. Nothing like well-fitting menswear to evoke confidence and pride in your work. 


We were also confident when it came to our Los Feliz listing with our dear friends. It’s always nice working with your friends, however we treat all of our listings with the same level of effort and professionalism. Having delivered a great sale price on their previous home, we planned to repeat that success. In the end, #BondStPartners’ strategy of aggressive pricing and networking in the right circle of buyers worked in our favor...and we looked bloody good doing it! 


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