James: Altman Lacks Respect and Etiquette

James: Altman Lacks Respect and Etiquette

James Harris explains why Josh Altman's confrontation at lunch was especially insulting.

What a relief to reconcile with David. Between long office hours strategizing Faring and juggling my family life, there is absolutely no room for arguments with my business partner and best friend. We are truly a team and #BondStPartners is obviously much more productive when we’re on the same track.

At this level of real estate you must eat, sleep, and breathe your work. Therefore, my personal and business life can often be intertwined. While I try to maintain balance, it’s difficult not to discuss deals over dinner. And sometimes it’s to your benefit. Receiving advice and perspective from our friend and partner, Mauricio Umansky, was great.

[video_clip_url:http://player.theplatform.com/p/PHSl-B/yT7k3t_YLXoZ/embed/select/sPbekwpjBZoI?form=html]Then there are times when you should just take a break and simply enjoy lunch with your fiancée. Why is Josh Altman so concerned with me and David? For someone who preaches about respect and etiquette, sending over a bottle of champagne to us when he clearly knows we don’t drink is a gesture that lacks both. One thing we know is true -- when it comes to Altman, lip service and action are two separate things. 


On a more positive note, we've hosted amazing showings at Faring thus far. And, Rick has been an incredible resource in connecting us with phenomenal potential clients for this property and future ventures.  


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