James and David: Unstoppable Team, Great Fashion Sense

James and David: Unstoppable Team, Great Fashion Sense

James discusses the listing that almost gave him a heart attack. 

Talk about twists and turns...selling a house in two weeks nearly gave me a heart attack and watching this episode brought back the high blood pressure! But all kidding aside, I’m proud of #BondStPartners, especially David. He pushed us to take a risk that ultimately set us apart in a highly competitive market. Truth be told, I thought our tenacity and stance when negotiating Doheny proved our capabilities to the seller. Yet clearly, competitive pricing wasn’t enough...we needed to make a statement. And while you can see the look of shock in my face when David throws the two week curve ball, it lit a fire in us to work harder than ever to prove we’re an unstoppable team. An unstoppable team with the same fashion sense!


Wearing the same outfit was the least of our problems. We had our work cut out for us in this episode, starting with an open house ASAP. It’s always hard leaving my sweet angels at home on evenings and weekends, but being present at open houses to connect with potential buyers is paramount. The quick turnaround time on Drexel made it imperative to make a perfect first impression. As you saw, our events are always packed with our network of eligible brokers and potential clients, Drexel’s layout in particular, makes for great flow while entertaining. Throwing one of our signature parties was the best way to show off the house! 


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