James Loses a Sale to Cupid

James Loses a Sale to Cupid

James Harris laments the loss of the sale, but is happy for Joanna and Robert.

Venice Beach is one of my favorite areas in L.A., boasting some of the city’s best restaurants and boutiques... and it's blocks from the beach! The Rose Avenue listing was exciting, as #BondStPartners prides ourselves in representing unique luxury listings. And that may not always be in the illustriously known areas of Beverly Hills and Bel Air. We want to also associate ourselves with hip and vibrant areas. After all, location is EVERYTHING! 

Despite the episode’s outcome, we gained first-hand experience and knowledge in one of L.A.’s hottest markets, which is invaluable. Listing the largest house on a street east of Lincoln certainly came with its challenges, but our strategy of pricing aggressively enabled us to test a new market. In turn, our research and subsequent price reduction worked out perfectly. If only the sale hadn’t been lost to Cupid! Congrats to Joanna and Robert!


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