James' Secret to Elevating Interest

James' Secret to Elevating Interest

James Harris thinks the back-to-back listing strategy he and David Parnes used was the key to their success.

Tomer is a loyal and long term client, and while we were initially surprised by his request to find tenants instead of buyers, we easily adapted. #BondStPartners always rolls with the punches. Furthermore, we know that securing a lease at the price Tomer was looking for will lead to the listing once he’s ready to put Zorada Drive on the market. It’s all about seeing the big picture and a $10 million sale is in our sight. 


Two weeks is a quick turnaround time to find a tenant. However, we did not stress. Both David and I have great relationships with agents in LA, along with an extensive list of contacts who represent the ideal potential tenants. In fact, I feel our tactic of creating demand with back-to-back showings really elevated interest. It’s so important to stay connected to other agents in the city...you never know when you’ll need them. Clients come and go, but agents in LA stay!


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